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Joe Brown
General Sessions Court Clerk

Early Voting:  February 14-27, 2024

Election Day:  March 5, 2024


Re-Elect Joe Brown General Sessions Court Clerk 

          Early Voting: February 14-27, 2024             Election Day:  March 5, 2024

My re-election signifies continued progress and a brighter future for those who seek it.  It is my hope that you will extend your support which will strengthen the success of my re-election campaign as General Sessions Court Clerk to continue serving the citizens of Shelby County.

Joe Brown for Clerk 

It is my firm belief that Shelby County citizens come first. I am pleased and honored to serve as

General Sessions Court Clerk. For that reason, I am seeking Re-Election to continue this service.

The General Sessions Court is often the public’s first introduction to the judicial process. There

are fifteen divisions of the Shelby County General Sessions Courts with an elected Judge to

serve in each division thus making it the largest court in the state of Tennessee operating and

maintaining the records and funds of Shelby County’s civil and criminal court.


Proven Leadership

•    As a Memphis City Council member for 22 years, Brown voted for community driven revitalizations such as the Frayser Library, Orange Mound Community and Senior Citizen Center, Southbrook Town Center, Crosstown Concourse, Raleigh Springs Civic Center, Dave Wells Community Center, and many other developments throughout the city.
•    As the current Clerk, he Identified $12.6 Million in unaccounted funds and returned an additional $3.5 Million to the county.
•    Restructured administrative processes for the Driver’s Assistant program (DAP) that resulted in Driver’s License reinstatements for more than 4,000 Shelby County Citizens.
•    First Clerk to successfully host and coordinate annual county-wide expungement clinics for onsite record clearance and court cost settlements.
•    Worked with Shelby County Commissioners resulting in a 5% raise for General Sessions and other eligible Shelby County employees, as well as a bonus for those who diligently worked during the COVID pandemic.

Law Office


•    Opened a satellite office at the Southbrook Mall in Whitehaven.
•    Conducted expungement clinics throughout the community.
•    Created the first General Sessions Court App for easier access to the website, cases, and information.
•    Engaged with the Hispanic community on several joint ventures to cultivate relationships.
•    Discovered $3 million in payments for mental health defendants that had not been properly accounted for or disbursed to Shelby County. 
•    Restructured and directed process resulting in over $170,000.00 being returned to sixty-two citizens previously held since they were minors.
•    Ensured nine criminal courtrooms and six civil courtrooms were adequately staffed to process over 1,000 cases daily during the COVID pandemic for satisfactory record keeping.
•    Working with Shelby County IT Department and other elected officials to upgrade the judicial case management systems. 



•    Temple of Deliverance COGIC Church member.
•    Nephew of the late, great Bishop G.E. and Evangelist Louise Patterson and Evangelist Frances Kelly.
•    Born and raised in South Memphis and a proud graduate of Booker T. Washington High School.
•    The Founder and President of Empire Janitorial and Supply Services Inc.
•    A member of the NAACP, Mason Brotherhood, Loafers Inc, North Memphis Roundtable, and more.
•    Recipient of the Christian Men of Distinction Award, Silver Star Award, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Award, Community Leadership Award, National Small Business Award, VECA Public Services Award, The Stone “Nat Turner” Award, Black Business Association Benny Award, and others.
•    Served on numerous boards such as:  Northside Deregulated School Board, Kennedy Democratic Organization, Case Management, North Memphis Concerned Citizens, and many others.
•    The current Clerk for the largest General Sessions Court in Tennessee.

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